Commercial Restructuring, Aviation and eJets
Transforming partners through upskilling and retooling revenue generation and optimization

Our Services 

Our expert knowledge is everything around revenue and business models in air transportation, cargo, logistics and technology. More recently, this includes digital commerce, eAviation and eJets economics.

Our expertise and experience from past engagements include:

  • Revenue management strategy and transformation planning
  • Pricing and Revenue Management organization, processes, and systems
  • Strategic pricing (B2B) and value monetization pricing (B2C)
  • Revenue products, revenue channels, revenue partnerships (B2B/loyalty)
  • Artificial intelligence, use of machine learning and data in business management

Our services also include:

  • Performance improvement and profit leakage scans around product, value, customer groups, and channels
  • Commercial restructuring (governance, optimal decision-making, incentives)
  • Change and business transformation (business model, digital transformation, value delivery)
  • Strategy (Corporate, Business, Commercial, Revenue Product-level)
  • Capital / Deals / Advisory (venture capital, investments, allocation)
  • Valuation / Transactions (as part of Chartered Business Valuator license)
  • Innovation through Out of Industry Design Thinking
  • Leadership philosophies & practices combining change and organizaton/industrial psychology
  • Vendor Selection : Modern Technology in Digital Commerce + Offers + Pricing + Revenue Management


Methods - Transforming to Profits


We use a number of proprietary methods, tools and methodologies that are based on proven techniques released and obtained by training at Harvard Business School. These techniques were used as a foundation for building new tools that have been adapted for our work and the industries we serve. Some have been registered as trademarks, such as Cruising to Profits (airline industry) and Transforming to Profits (B2B service industries).   

The Transforming to Profits is a service product consisting of a series of structured and unstructured team activities executive can hold to review, benchmark and improve business models against industry and competitive changes. It stresses the required alignment between the key pillars of underlying business model bricks to (new) value propositions that can be delivered using the most effective resources and through the right channels, however narrowly defined. A description can be found below:

 The Transforming to Profit framework and activities are held using a number of branded tools in the T2P toolbox. An overview of the steps an sequence (downstream or upstream or mixed) is shown below:

An overview of the Transforming to Profits framework of activities and work streams can be found below: